CDR M1165

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CDR M1165

Postby teamratchet » 15 Jul 2014, 16:17

A few Marines in my shop are having trouble locating the NSN for the CDR Valve on a M1165A1. This has never happened to us before for any part, but most Marines have trouble in my shop finding NSN's for any M1165A1 because the TM it is listed in focuses heavily on the M1113 and M1114's. The UOC is UU2, any help is appreciated. Also, my shop has never ordered a CDR Valve before so we have no history of ever using/finding the NSN.
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Re: CDR M1165

Postby SgtCathers » 24 Aug 2014, 15:00

It's Already Fixed
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Re: CDR M1165

Postby bjcavrak » 04 Feb 2015, 17:53

The above NIIN 011479284 isn't correct. that niin doesn't come with the top breather line. does anyone have the correct one?
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Re: CDR M1165

Postby Petz » 01 Jul 2015, 11:55

I know this is old, but have your found the answer? Also, what TM are you using?
It's Already Fixed
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Re: CDR M1165

Postby juliosciontc06 » 06 Mar 2017, 16:11

I'm currently having the same issue for an M1152 CDR Valve NIIN 011479284 is incorrect because that niin doesn't come with the top breather line.
Any further assistance would be highly appreciated.
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