starts but stalls

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starts but stalls

Postby czachary57 » 13 Jul 2016, 20:20

I have an M1152 that will start and run for about 10 seconds then cut off. While in process of troubleshooting we had figured out that there was MO gas in the system. We drained it and filled it back up with JP8 and ran it through system but it stalls after 10 seconds. Any ideas will be a huge help because the TM doesn't have anything thank you.
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Re: starts but stalls

Postby USMC3529 » 14 Jul 2016, 18:35

1. For those 10 seconds, how did it run? Did it seem normal or rough?
2. Have you checked resistance IAW the TM for the glow plugs?
3. Have you checked the TPS?
4. Have you checked fuel pressure?
5. Have you checked for sediment buildup on all injectors?
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