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Fork Lifts

Postby Petz » 07 Feb 2014, 06:39

Ok, for those who have a forklift in your shop I wanted to tell you something that is usually confused and muddled by HE SMEs.

All equipment is required to have a load test done, forklifts as well. They are supposed to come to you with a load test (scanned into GCSS or on paper). There is no requirement to have an annual load test unless it's a personnel lift or a crane, but that does NOT mean you shouldn't have one for your forks. When major components are replaced the equipment needs to have another load test.

Please look through your records, and if you can't find a valid load test then you should administratively deadline it and get a load test completed. Once it's done be sure to label it and scan and upload that paperwork into the Installed Base as a Maintenance Note.
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