HMMWV D and E Load Rated Tires

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HMMWV D and E Load Rated Tires

Postby MTMekanik3529 » 08 May 2013, 07:26

Does anyone happen to know what the difference is between the D and E load rated rims and tires. I checked the Ops Manual and they are compatible for the ECV type vics. It does not mention at what point or for what type of operation the different type of tire is needed. I want to ensure that we order the right type of rim and tire and also check what my fleet is using right now so that we do not have any accidents due to mismatching.
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Re: HMMWV D and E Load Rated Tires

Postby Petz » 15 May 2013, 10:40

BLUF: You can put a D rated tire on the 24 bolt rim but you CAN NOT put an E rated tire on the 12 bolt. The old rim is not rated to hold the weight of the E rated tire. Additionally, you should not have an E rated tire and D rated tire mix/matched on the same axle. Replace them in pairs.

This is a big deal, you can look up the technical stuff at PS Magazine's website ( and do a search for that.

On a personal note, older ECVs came with the older tires on them, however PM Motor Transport started getting these new tires put on later on. I'd upgrade all of my ECVs with the new tires if I had the funds to do it, I'd prioritize the equipment though. Anything with a box shelter on the back is top priority, then anything with armor (based on the weight if you have different types and varying quantities), then the rest of the ECVs. These new E rated tires improve handling of the heavier trucks and improve safety. These are your selling point when you're proposing a $1300 investment for each truck to your SupO/Commander.
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