Program for replacing aged equipment

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Program for replacing aged equipment

Postby cjt1316 » 06 Jul 2015, 18:45

Greeting everyone, my CO task with finding a way to replace our age equipment we currently have. I know of one program and that is ELMP, but the equipment needs to be in the maintenance cycle for 200 plus days. Is there any other programs out there i can use? The biggest issue we have is; we are replacing the same parts over ex amount of time period.
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Re: Program for replacing aged equipment

Postby Chaotic » 07 Jul 2015, 09:36

can you specify your equipment?

one of the best ways to replace items is to reorder it and find out from the item manager if it has been superseded.. (i.e... PUBS)
or if its a CMR item.. with TAMCN and such.. then a good time is when you do your TO/E review..
its easy.. plus ... a great way is also to ask the FSMAO teams or the MEF level people.. while you might not want your item.. other units are dying to have yours.. plus we have boneyards up at BARSTOW find the POC's for them and maybe they have the parts you need.. scrounging is the best way to get parts.. the supply systems is getting better with time.. it just isn't there.. MMA900? free issue parts... through GCSS.. its like a toy store for maintainers..

let me know if that helps
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Re: Program for replacing aged equipment

Postby SgtCathers » 30 Mar 2016, 00:11

Yes, T/E excess is definitely the way to go. Also, 200 days for ELMP? seems like someone was blowing smoke your way to not have to deal with it. The Divison / MEF whatever gets quotas for ELMP every quarter, should be first come first serve.
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Re: Program for replacing aged equipment

Postby Petz » 23 Aug 2016, 18:19

Yes, SgtCathers is correct. ELMP quotas are based on availability though, so your equipment you are trying to replace may not be available to submit. Your MSC may also use the days in shop as an indicator on how bad the end item is as well, so don't discount the requirement as BS. I would simply calculate the cost of repairs over a specific period of time and show the waste you are incurring on maintaining that one item.

If you or your SNCO are not in direct contact with your MSC OCCField manager (usually a MGySgt) then you're doing something wrong. They should be your mentor in the MOS and provide guidance in all things MT. I understand you'll have layers of command for official requests but a phone call won't get you NJP'd.
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