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Maintenance Management Toolbox v2.2

PostPosted: 21 Apr 2017, 03:59
by brokentorque
This has been handy as all get out, identifying discrepancies across the board. I've been using this since the update (v2.2) came out not to long ago. And its a little more user friendly with in detail instructions. A little of it is self expiatory but read the instructions before you got have cocked. I suggest creating a file either on your desktop or in your documents, to save the pulled reports. If you haven't got a TLCM-OST account, get one! Gents really it'll help out to see what FASMO analysts see ( they have a different method I believe of pulling the reports and spotting the findings) or they could very well use this very same thing. Again it helps for pre inspections and if your at a BN or Reg etc level you can do spot checks on your Sub Commands and help them out too.