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MCLB Albany

Postby SgtRob » 19 Jan 2012, 07:45

Good morning,
I am currently stationed @ MCLB Albany Garrison Supply and we are trying to get our section/warehouse in order. I have the Official FSMAO FY11 Supply Checklist, is there any other pertinent information that we need? I would greatly appreciate any guidance on the subject.
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Re: MCLB Albany

Postby SUPERMOD » 19 Jan 2012, 15:15

looking to get you some feedback from our more s-4 friendly bubbas. check back in a bit to see if they have responded... we are heading to the field in the morning, so we will be back tuesday.

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Re: MCLB Albany

Postby jssbrd » 20 Jan 2012, 05:29

Just make sure you are reading the questions and orders that pertain to the questions. Remember the team with many years of experience will dig very deep, figure 5 years back. Be prepared for a lower grade than your assuming. Our biggest hit was equipment accountability, not did we have but, was it accounted for properly with all SL-3. If you have certain questions about a perticular question please hit me back here.

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Re: MCLB Albany

Postby Petz » 31 Mar 2012, 19:47

Please make sure you have your most up to date check list. FSMAO-WP changed theirs up a few times this last summer (it's usually cross-decked through the other FSMAOs) and you may be working off of an old list.

Without having looked at the Supply checklist I can't be too much help. Contact your FSMAO office if you want clarification on the orders and make sure you print off their responses for your justifications when they come through. When the respond they are 100% sure and have asked 3 others for validation so they aren't wrong. That response will keep you out of jail.

always go through your OIC first because no matter what he's the responsible officer and will be the one answering to the Man if it's all screwed up. You need to make sure you are getting responses in writing if it's not by the order in order to cover your 6.
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Re: MCLB Albany

Postby shadyprofesur » 10 Apr 2012, 03:38

I have quite a bit of Supply related FSMAO tools. I would be willing to send them to anyone who needs them.

I also have the FSMAO inspection tool (the program they use to grade your unit). This tool will help you pre-inspect your unit to the FSMAO standards.

Let me know.

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Re: MCLB Albany

Postby ZandonJones » 31 Aug 2015, 05:15

Does anyone have the FASMO checklist for this FY?
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Re: MCLB Albany

Postby SgtCathers » 31 Aug 2015, 13:47

There's a draft out right now, hasn't been published as of yet.
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Re: MCLB Albany

Postby MeyerMW » 01 Sep 2015, 08:29

Newest Maintenance Checklist is Dated 20150701, found it on the FSMAO West sharedrive. If someone needs it, let me know and I will send it to you thru the GAL.
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Re: MCLB Albany

Postby nicole.marroquin » 09 Sep 2015, 13:29

I would like a copy of the latest FSMAO maintenance checklist.
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Re: MCLB Albany

Postby Chaotic » 05 Oct 2015, 08:45

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