stalls in reverse

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stalls in reverse

Postby brownbear3521 » 13 Sep 2012, 13:30

After the MRK148/M1114 gets to operating tempreture it will stall out when put into reverse. I have adjusted the throttle postion sensor and adjusted the throttle cable. Does anyone know what is going on or another route that needs to be taken?
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Re: stalls in reverse

Postby SUPERMOD » 13 Sep 2012, 13:42

after it gets to operating temperature, pour cool water on the injection pump and try it... a little birdie told me that what you are experiencing is most likely an injection pump that is on its way out. Try it, then come back and update us on what happened.

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Re: stalls in reverse

Postby WRECKERMAN » 17 Sep 2012, 05:55

I had a truck in country that was doing this. The operators would complain about it stalling when they put it in reverse. By the time i got around to troubleshooting it the truck was cooled off and i didn't initially find the problem. Turns out it was the injection pump. That is where i would start if i were you. The water on the pump idea from above is more if the truck wouldn't start at all after being turn off when it was warm. Back in the day we had issues with injection pumps when we started using JP8. The Injection pumps were made for diesel which has a lot more lubrication in it than JP. The little solenoid where 54A plugs in to would stick when the pump was warm and would not allow the truck to start until it cooled off. We poured water on it to get them started.
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Re: stalls in reverse

Postby Petz » 20 Jul 2015, 22:49

There is an electronic shut off in the injection pump. I've seen some folks swap those out with a known good to troubleshoot the problem. If you're able to order the part (4th ech or not... check the TM) then you can save yourself time with replacing the whole pump. Worth toying with if anyone ever has this issue.
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