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FSMAO 2015

PostPosted: 25 Feb 2015, 12:32
by dave_lucky13
Ok so we're pretty much done with our FSMAO so learn from our mistakes

1) Ensure all your inventories (this applies to operators as well) have a calender date, this is per the 4700.
2) All tool boxes banded need an authorization letter
3) Any tools missing need a service request number, and ensure everything missing is on order
4)*** Per the 4700 all UURI items are required, you need a letter from your commander of "unfunded deficiency" to avoid a hit
5) Ensure all garrison peculiar items are not part of a kit.
6) Ensure all notes on your item instance are there and accurate... our unit and our neighboring unit had issues. (it completely erased itself) so ensure it is all there and accurate

for the most part it is just minor things that were overlooked. but just look over everything and ensure you meet marine corps standards and are up to dat with your local sop's

Re: FSMAO 2015

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2015, 20:37
by Chaotic
let me guess .. you had team 4..
1... yeah .. calenday year within the box.. (jan 15) (april 22) ..ect
2. banded toolboxes only need autho letter if your MMSOP requires it.. otherwise. you are good.. just make sure they are calendar dated and complete..
3. yep.. if its should be on order and marked in pencil with the SR # within the remarks..
4. your SR should be SHT FNDs if thats the case.. as long as its ON ORDER or ON HAND.. the rest doesn't matter..
5. yep... garison peculiar.. are items that don't belong to any tool kit... and make sure you don't have a "SHARED RO"
6. good god.. yes..check the night before .. they will dissappear.. notes.. 696d carc coolant warranty and so on..

and also .. upload a PMCS 2 ech sheet in there.. i will upload an after action for this..

Re: FSMAO 2015

PostPosted: 05 Mar 2015, 15:52
by hesssamantha
Chaotic: What PMCS sheet are you referring to that needs to be uploaded?

Re: FSMAO 2015

PostPosted: 13 Mar 2015, 08:00
by Chaotic
when we recently inspected.. we were introduced to a old school way of doing things.. ensuring that you annotate everything within the PMCS.. you can use the task methods.. where you annotate everything within the GCSS... one task after another.. and another.. and another.. and so on.. or you can scan a PMCS cheat sheet.. as long as it has all the required information.. torque specs.. antifreeze %, voltage on batteries.. and so on.. plus TM and date of PUB... makes everything so much easier..
the notes in IB ... is the same.. if you make 1 scanned copy of all the record jacket with all the required information.. it works as well.. instead of having 5 notes.. carc/antifreeze/chassy..ect.. you can have 1 note with all the data in there.. you can make it ... I just haven't had time to create one .. post it here if anyone has a cheat sheet..
contact your team rep and ask them if this will be acceptable to them... since some inspectors inspect differently.. for us.. it was recommended and we have adapted to it now..